Herbal Favorites

Herbal teas, or tisanes, are naturally caffeine-free and known to have medicinal qualities. Our herbal collection is beautifully blended with a superior taste we know you’ll love.


Product Details

Tropical Elixir: An exotic medley with an exciting floral aroma. It combines loose leaf black tea with high notes of summer ripened mangoes and passionfruit. You will find a vibrant, reddish hue with a clean, sweet finish in your cup. Tasting notes of tropical fruit will delight you.

Herbal Refresh: Invigorating to the senses and calming to the soul, this full-flavored aromatic blend of herbs rejuvenates and refreshes with organic chamomile, organic peppermint leaf, organic licorice root, and organic lemon peel.

Currant Crush: This herbal blend is sweet and juicy, combining the succulent flavors of plum, currants, and hibiscus with festive Saigon cinnamon. It is fruity and full-bodied with a deep red infusion. Thirst-quenching served over ice in summer and is an excellent mulling spice to infuse into wine or apple cider.

Steeping Instructions

Tropical Elixir: 1 tsp per 8oz of water, 206°F,  3-5 minutes

Herbal Refresh: 1 tsp per 8oz of water, 212°F, 4-5 minutes

Currant Crush: 1.5 tbsp per 12oz of water, 200°F,  5 minutes


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